Global education rankings to measure tolerance

Global education rankings to measure tolerance


International education rankings are going to test a very different type of skill next year.

The Pisa tests, which compare teenagers' ability in reading, maths and science, for the first time are also going to test "global competence".

It's a significant departure to move from maths puzzles and literacy tests to asking questions about fake news, global warming and racism.

The inaugural tests for global competence will take place in about 80 countries next year - and the results are going to be pushed centre-stage in the following round of Pisa rankings.

The tests, run every three years by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, have become among the most widely used measures for global education standards. 

And for each round of tests, one subject is chosen as the headline measure used to construct the international league table.

That lead subject is going to be the new global competence tests, when the results of tests taken in 2018 are published in 2019.

It could mean a very different set of countries at the top of the rankings, rather than the current cluster, which includes Singapore, South Korea, Finland and Canada.

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