Pupils need internet lessons to thrive online, say Lords

Pupils need internet lessons to thrive online, say Lords


Learning to survive in a world dominated by the internet should be as important for children as reading and writing, says a House of Lords report. 

Lessons about online responsibilities, risks and acceptable behaviour should be mandatory in all UK schools, the Lords Communications Committee argues. 

The internet is "hugely beneficial" but children need awareness of its hazards, said committee chairman Lord Best. 

Industry leaders said education was key to keeping children safe online. 

The Lords report builds on findings by the Children's Commissioner for Englandin January that the internet is not designed for children, despite them being the biggest users by age group. 

"Children inhabit a world in which every aspect of their lives is mediated through technology: from health to education, from socialising to entertainment.

"Yet the recognition that children have different needs to those of adults has not yet been fully accepted in the online world," say the Lords.

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