Schools face digital challenge

Schools face digital challenge


Schools need to prepare young people for a digital revolution and a fast-changing jobs market, says England's new Education Secretary, Damian Hinds.

In his first public speech since taking up the post, Mr Hinds said schools needed a mix of traditional academic subjects and a sense of "resilience" and skills such as public speaking.

Mr Hinds said that a high proportion of new jobs would require digital skills.

He also called for improvements in vocational training for adults.

The education secretary said young people needed the skills to be able to "write apps" as well as being able to use them.

He said lessons in computing were needed to prepare young people for industries being changed by artificial intelligence and the arrival of technologies such as autonomous vehicles.

Speaking at the Education World Forum in London, Mr Hinds emphasised the need for both "core academic subjects" and other, "soft skills" that could make young people more employable.

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