Teach 'problem solving' to produce engineers, schools urged

Teach 'problem solving' to produce engineers, schools urged


Schools should focus less on "subjects" and more on teaching problem solving skills, say engineers in a report.

A focus on "playful experimentation" could boost learning throughout UK schools, says the Royal Academy of Engineering. 

It could also instil a passion for engineering and help "overcome our current lack of engineers", it adds. 

Ministers say they want the UK to be world beating for science, technology, engineering and maths (Stem) subjects. 

But co-author Prof Bill Lucas, of Winchester University, said schools "must rethink" the way they teach in order to boost engagement in engineering.

The report also urges professional engineers to dedicate some of their time to working with pupils and teachers in schools. 

"It's an open call for engineers across the world to become involved in education," said Prof Lucas, director of Winchester's Centre for Real-World Learning.

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